Humans of Amsterdam | “If we are strangers, it’s to easy to become enemies”

198 | Amsterdam, Holland 

A story from Debra about Tel Aviv, story telling and Humans of Amsterdam.

"I was doing an internship in Tel Aviv, working with an organization that supports minority groups to come together to share their stories. People from all different nationalities, Israelis, Palestiniens, they all came together in one room to talk about very normal things, to share their life stories. When I came back to Amsterdam I knew I wanted to keep going, to keep sharing, and so I started Humans of Amsterdam. When I was in Tele Aviv, it was the first time I realized how powerful story telling is. It’s so important to keep in contact with each other, no matter what religion or color, we need to keep in touch so we don’t ever become strangers, because if we are strangers, it’s to easy to become enemies."

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Big thanks to the humansofamsterdam.nl for making this docobite possible.

Watching Eurovision! I love all the nationalities, they are so amazing. 





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